Created by auto racing journalist and former open-wheel and sports car team member Marshall Pruett, was started as a pet project to help bring more attention to the IMSA series.

Pruett’s tenure in IMSA was all too brief — just 1990 –  in a 20 year career dominated by work as a mechanic, engineer and team manager in open-wheel racing, but the IMSA series was always his greatest passion. The first major auto race he attended was the 1976 Camel GT race at Laguna Seca, and from that point, the toddler was hooked.

Today, Pruett looks to add to the efforts carried out my many other GTP enthusiasts.

While new books on IMSA appear on almost a yearly basis, Pruett has focused his attention on using the web to bring the GTP era back to life through original race broadcasts, photo galleries, and new stories and interviews with the men and women of the series. When he has time!

The site is meant to be a communal home for IMSA fans — a place where people can share their own stories and can help add to the race video library and to the photo galleries.

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