GTP: 1987 IMSA Yearbook

March 15, 2009 by MP 

Relive the 1987 IMSA season through the excellent yearbook the series once produced.

Look for more IMSA yearbooks to reappear here soon.

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One Response to “GTP: 1987 IMSA Yearbook”
  1. Michael Henke says:

    For IMSA devotees this is a wonderful gift for the community. The in-depth reviews of all four classes [never a Lights fan, but the focus on Jim Downing made it an engrossing read] provided insights I’d never have been privy to otherwise, and given the dearth of quality IMSA Camel GT material on the web, I’m surely many others were similarly thrilled.

    The post indicated that more yearbook/programs would be forthcoming, but unless I’m wonderfully mistaken, the 1987 Yearbook was a one-off post.

    If this tragedy/oversight stems from [perceived] audience disinterest, I hope very much that my enthusiasm persuasively rebuts such nonsense. If necessary, however, I’m happy to cast aside any integrity I may have/had, and comment similarly from as many unique IP addresses as can be accessed.

    In any case, I enjoyed the 1987 Yearbook immensely [in addition to almost all of your exceptionally exclusive content] and anxiously await further Yearbooks & Event Program posts.

    Michael Henke

    BTW – any chance of increased RS/GTU/GTO/AAGT material, if not a sister site?

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