GTP: 1986 Daytona Finale IMSA GTP Race pt1

September 1, 2009 by 

The final win for Bob Tullius in the GTP series also marks the first win for Chip Robinson in part 1 of the 1986 Daytona finale.

Courtesy of the American Le Mans Series.

GTP: 1986 Daytona Finale IMSA GTP Race Broadcast pt1 from on Vimeo.


3 Responses to “GTP: 1986 Daytona Finale IMSA GTP Race pt1”
  1. zimone says:

    These good old real racing recordings
    and all the other stuff about GTP,GTC
    prototypes is really great.
    I love those cars.
    Be good


  2. Anthony says:

    I remember this race like yesterday, when ESPN was the “World Leader In Auto Racing”. What the hell happen??? I guess they made more money with “stick and ball” sports, which is fine, but really.

    Also these edits can be improved slightly but great to see this stuff and how come ESPN and Diamond P never kept these videos around is beyond me.

    VCR technology even Beta wasn’t as good as the Beta Recorders production companies were using.

    Oh well, thanks for posting these old events


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